About Angie-Lynne

Angie-Lynne is a self taught mixed media artist who was born in Zimbabwe, and at a young age moved to the UK and then to South Africa and now lives in the Algarve in Portugal. Each country has had a deep influence on her creative process, and she draws inspiration through her many worldly travels.

Although having a background in media, events and film, she began her creative career through mosaic art, and soon worked on commissions for hotels, brands, restaurants and family homes. She later went into floristry and owned an award winning event and floral design company in Cape Town.

From a young age she knew she wanted to do something creative, and has been in awe of her mothers endless talents. Growing up and watching her mother sew anything, draw anything and literally build anything (even houses) her mother Aletta, has been her biggest muse.

Her deep connection to flowers started whilst creating floral installations and unique bouquets for events and weddings. She loved the beauty of each blossom and would look in wonder at how every flower was a masterpiece. She would keep any broken or wilted blooms, and try to make them last as long as possible, and would experiment with drying and pressing flowers to continue their life journey. During the pandemic, and after months with no work in the floral industry, she longed to get creative again, and  whilst walking with her kids began collecting a mixed array of dried leaves and flowers to make arrangements at home. She now can’t walk past a dried leaf without thinking how she can transform it into hair in one of her paintings.


With her poetic love for floristry, and desire to develop her painting technique, she fuses art and florals using both aesthetics in a unique perspective to create her artworks inspired by nature’s most beautiful gifts.

She either paints from photos or channeled through her imaginative creativity and works primarily with traditional painting techniques with added dried and preserved florals and fauna.

Her portraits are adorned with unique creations from her botanical treasure trove of dried, preserved and pressed blooms. Meticulously she arranges and attaches each delicate piece to create the dimension that completes her pieces.

For the final touch her artworks are preserved in deep set frames or boxed canvases for a dimensional art-experience.


As each individual artwork incorporates the beauty of mother nature, these elements may over time have exposure to sunlight and humidity. Some florals could lose their colour slightly, others may darken a little, leaves can curl and twist, this however encapsulates the ongoing beauty of these transformative artworks.

For optimum life of the artwork, keep away from direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures. Avoid any heat (above a fireplace), cool (air conditioner) exposure and avoid touching the floral composition. Crumbling and dislodgement is unavoidable in its lifetime, but can be easily removed.


Angie-Lynne De Bock
+351 913606918